Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order some labels from you. What information do you need?

Thank you for choosing to make your label with us! Please email us the following information for speedy processing:

  1. Your label artwork in high-resolution PDF / Adobe Illustrator (all text converted to outlines) / JPG / PNG format.
    • We cannot use small, blurry images.
    • If you don't have an artwork, just send us whatever you have been using as a logo (unless it's a Microsoft file, which we do not accept because the formatting is too unreliable).
    • If you don't have a logo, you could use Squarespace's handy Logo Maker to create your own. Please note that we do not accept the free, watermarked version of Logo Maker files. Please support artists, designers, and developers everywhere and send us a purchased, high-resolution logo. (It's a steal at US$10!)
    • Please note that processing time would be longer if we have to create / edit the artwork for you.
  2. The colour codes of your label.
    • Currently the maximum number of colours we can weave on our labels is five, and some styles of labels can only use two, three, or four colours.
    • Please give us Pantone colour numbers instead of other kinds of numbers such as RGB or CMYK.
    • Please note that if you choose not to provide Pantone colour numbers to us, we will match our yarns to the artwork's colours as displayed on an iPhone or iPad.
    • Please note that unless you are placing a large order (thousands of labels or more), we can only match your colours using our existing yarns, so the colours will not be a 100% match.
  3. The size of your label, for example "20x60 mm after fold".
    • TIP: many designers pick a label size that is way too small for their logos. To make sure you pick the correct size, make a 1:1 logo on your screen or a printout to check that you can see all details of your logo clearly. However please bear in mind that yarns have a certain thickness, so just because something can be printed in details doesn't mean it would translate well into a weaving pattern.
  4. The folding method of your label.
  5. A style / construction for your label.
    • Check out our product gallery, or our Facebook Page and Instagram profile to see the many different label styles available.
    • If you have a certain style in mind but don't see it on our website or social media accounts, feel free to contact us anyway and we'll see what we can do! :)


How long does it take to make my labels?

This depends on many factors; for example is your logo very complicated? Does your label require special yarns or special production processes? Our sampling process usually takes two to three weeks after artwork confirmation, and production usually another two to three weeks after sample approval. For more details please refer to our Order Terms.


Do you ship to my country? And how much is shipping?

We ship worldwide via air mail, FedEx, DHL, as well as other reputable carriers. Shipping cost varies from label to label, as the different sizes, thicknesses, and order quantities of the label make it very difficult to calculate the weight accurately before the labels are produced, therefore our quoted prices do not include shipping.

The following information is based on some of our recent shipments only, and does NOT mean that your label will cost the same to ship (updated 10th August 2017):

Australia // 100 pcs // HK$40 or US$5 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Australia // 1,000 pcs // HK$130 or US$17 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Australia // 1,000 pcs // HK$250 or US$32 for FedEx // 3-4 working days

Canada // 1,000 pcs // HK$150 or US$20 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Czech Republic // 100 pcs // HK$70 or US$9 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

France // 1,000 pcs // HK$300 or US$39 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

France // 1,000 pcs // HK$380 or US$50 for FedEx // 4-5 working days

Germany // 1,000 pcs // HK$140 or US$18 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Indonesia // 100 pcs // HK$180 or US$23 for FedEx // 3-4 working days

Italy // 1,000 pcs // HK$360 or US$47 for FedEx // 4-5 working days

Malaysia // 100 pcs // HK$40 or US$5 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

New Zealand // 100 pcs // HK$80 or US$11 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Singapore // 100 pcs // HK$40 or US$5 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

Singapore // 1,000 pcs // HK$220 or US$28 for FedEx // 1-2 working days

UK // 100 pcs // HK$40 or US$5 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

UK // 1,000 pcs // HK$370 or US$48 for FedEx // 3-4 working days

USA // 100 pcs // HK$40 or US$5 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

USA // 1,000 pcs // HK$150 or US$20 for air mail // 2-4 weeks

USA // 1,000 pcs // HK$330 or US$43 for FedEx // 3-4 working days

Please note that we also ship to countries that are not listed above.


What about import taxes? Are they included in the pricing?

No. As each country has different laws regarding taxes, there is no way for us to know whether or not a parcel would be taxed, and if so, how much. Please note that it is your responsibility to pay all related duties as well as handle any disputes that may arise with your local customs office.


What if I'm not happy with the labels? Do you accept refunds, returns, or exchanges?

Unless the labels contain manufacturing defects (for examples: missing graphics, wrong colours, wrong sizes etc.) we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. If there is a problem with the delivered products, please notify us within seven days of delivery, otherwise no claims will be accepted.


I have a question that is not answered here.

Please see if the topic is covered in our Terms, and if not, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have! We look forward to hearing from you! :)